Wi-Fi Network Eduoram

International Wi-Fi Network Eduoram, Primary School Sokolovká, Mnichovo Hradiště

The project Eduroam connects thousands of wi-fi networks around the world. A user has just one account in his/her home domain. Through-out this account the user has permission to use other wi-fi networks from the project.

The primary school Sokolovská, Mnichovo Hradiště has been joined in the project since September 2019.

To create a new profile pupils and employers of the school have to contact the network administrator - admin@1zsmh.cz

How to connect:

Fundamental instructions:

  1. The network administrator of your home domain provides the instructions on how to connect to the network.
  2. A login usually is the same as an email address from users´ home organization (for example name@schooldomain.cz).
  3. If a device is in reach of any members of the eduroam wi-fi network, it is automatically connected.
  4. If an account is not verified in its home domain, the connection does not work.
  5. The network administrators check users´ attempts to log in, convey the customers´ complaints, and can block the accounts.
  6. Follow the school rules and regulations. Keep your password private. A user has full responsibility for his/her Eduroam´s account.

Rychlý kontakt

Základní škola
Mnichovo Hradiště, Sokolovská 254

Sekretariát: 326 772 321
Ředitelna: 326 772 526

Pavilon a školní družina

326 772 514

Sportovní hala Bios
313 100 575


Číslo účtu

Bankovní spojení
51-6902390287 / 0100